Setting My First Target

Photo courtesy of
Ameer Basheer via Unsplash

I like to break my weight loss targets into increments. Big enough to feel significant, small enough to be achievable in the short run. Usually between 5-10 pound increments.

Since I started my diet at a weight of 196, I set my first target for 185 lbs. Reasonable number, but significant enough that I’ll be thrilled when I get there. Then I can push the goal out further.

As of today I weight 189.8 (yeah, I count the decimals… they move easier and excite me hahaha!) That’s 6.2 lbs. I had lost almost 8 lbs and then gained a some back, and I’m not sure why. But I decided not to stress it and stick with it, because it could be bloat, or something as simple as that. If the weight didn’t go back down or increased again I’d examine what I was eating closer. Certainlyt stress and anxiety are not going to help me lose weight.

I truly believe that weight loss is not just what you eat and how you exercise, I believe it’s attitude. I seem to lose more when I think I’ll lose, and stagnate when I am feeling like weight loss is impossible. Maybe it’s serotonin levels rising when I keep my head in the game. And maybe it’s cutting back on stress and cortisol. Either way, being positive is definitely a better feeling that depression and defeat.

Appreciate today, and whatever good things that come with it.

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