The Rush to Lose Weight Quickly

Photo Courtesy of Jennifer Burk via Unsplash

I worked on a recipe last night that I had hoped to post, Philly cheese-steak bowls. But the recipe didn’t turn out great and I really didn’t care for it, and neither did my husband. And honestly – I’m not going to post it if it’s not really good. I mean come on, there’s enough bad food out there that you don’t need somebody else to give you a recipe to try at home.

The whole point of this blog for me is to find food I liked well enough to eat on a regular basis so I don’t feel like I have to go back to my old eating habits. Last night’s dinner was definitely not one of them.

I was a little worried about it because I really want to put enough recipes, one at a time, up here for myself and anyone else who’s interested to have a really great choice of options. But I had already made up my mind I was only going to add recipes that I’ve actually cooked and can break down the ingredients and nutrition. And so I asked myself, what’s the hurry?

I’m one of those people who like to contemplate everything – so I ended up applying that question to other things that I seem in a hurry about. Specifically losing weight. (I’m including some current photos of myself below for reference of where I am.)

Obviously the answer here is that I really want to lose weight! It’s not like I hate to say goodbye to that roll of fat, or how hard it is to tie my shoes and sometimes breathe in certain positions, or how painful the extra weight makes my arthritis.

While I considered this question I realized that in the past the hurry has been that I’m afraid I’m going to fall off this diet, and that I always want to lose the weight before that can happen. Even though I know the studies out there say that slower weight-loss is healthier, and more likely to stay gone. But with age and experience I’ve learned a few things they’re changed how I operate.

One of the biggest things I’ve learned in life is “If you do what you’ve always done you’ll get what you’ve always got.” Henry Ford said that. Einstein pretty much said the same thing, but the way he put it was:  “The definition of insanity is doing the same things over and over again and expecting different results.” Makes a great deal of sense to me.

So this time around I’ve decided to make it a lifestyle. Not a temporary thing where I lose weight and then hope I can go back and binge and eat anything I want all the time. We’ve done that a few times, lost 30 pounds and then went right back to my old eating habits! Is that crazy or what!?!

Which is why I’m trying so hard to find such great food. This keto diet I’m on has actually made my husband and I happy in that we’re eating better on this diet in general. I cook a lot more, which I find a really have to do if I want to have good food that is good keto, Sometimes this is the downside because there is a whole bunch of cooking, but I enjoy cooking and the results are worth it to me. The food is generally more fresh and healthy.

My goal at the moment is to lose 11 lb, I started it 196 and I would like to get to 185. It’s a reasonable goal and one I think I can hit in a reasonable amount of time. Of course after that I will readjust the goal, but I wanted to set one where I would have the ability to celebrate small victories on the way to my ultimate goal. 10 lb isn’t demoralizing – but waiting to lose 30, 50 or more lb can be.

So, here I am working on enjoying the process, the food and what weight loss I manage. Hopefully there will be a new, yummy recipe soon. 😁

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